V Rising Cave Passage Locations & How to Use

If you’re having trouble with this aspect of fast travel in this game, our V Rising Cave Passage Locations & How to Use guide is the right place to be. The caves are a great way to cover great distances instantaneously, and you don’t even have to drop all your loot to use them. However, they do have their drawbacks. Let’s get into the details, shall we?

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v rising cave passage locations & how to use
V Rising Cave Passage Locations & How to Use

How to Use Cave Passage in V Rising

To use a cave passage in V Rising, you have to find a red-glowing crack in the cliffs. Then, you just interact with it, and it’ll instantly teleport you straight to another part of the map. You can cover huge distances this way, which can be useful in several ways, including escaping from a bunch of enemies. On top of that, unlike with waygates, you can carry resources and loot through caves.

That’s not to say that the caves don’t have their setbacks. For one, the caves only go two ways, from point A to Point B and back in a straight line. You don’t get to choose where they’ll take you. On top of that, the entrances are often in very hard-to-reach places. You’ll quite likely have to be able to turn into a wolf or toad in order to get there. Plus, you need to go into bat form to travel the caves. So, consider them more of a later-game thing.

V Rising Cave Passage Locations

There are only a handful of V Rising cave passage locations, which is another downside compared to Waygates. We’ve marked them all for you in the image below. Try and place your castle somewhere in the vicinity of one of the entrances. However, do keep in mind that other players are probably going to be building their own keeps in the general area of the cave passages. So, it’s gonna be a bit tricky, all things concerned. The one in Starlight hills is probably one of the best choices, since it leads you to the southeast of the map, and there’s another cave to the northwest that takes you all the way to the Cursed Forest.

where to find cave passage locations v rising
Cave passage locations (click to zoom in)
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