V Rising Iron Location

How to get Iron in V Rising is something you’ll want to learn early on as you start playing the game. The popular vampire survival action RPG has an open world environment, which means that players will need to explore their surroundings and search for precious resources without knowing exactly where to look. If you want to know where to find Iron ore in V Rising, read on as this guide explains everything you need to know.

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V Rising Iron Location

Where to find Iron in V Rising

Finding iron on the surface seems like something relatively basic. However, many V Rising players actually don’t know where do they need to venture to get some Iron ore. V Rising is good at explaining many things when you start playing the game. But, once you know the basics, you are on your own from then on. Just like in real life history (and in many other survival games), the transition from copper to iron tools and weapons is a natural progression.

For some bigger threats and challenges in the mid and late game, you will simply need Iron. And believe it or not, there’s only one single location where you can get Iron. It’s in the very centre of the map. At the location known as the Haunted Iron Mine. Inside these huge mines, you will be able to find Iron ore.

V Rising Iron Location
The Haunted Iron Mine location on the map

While Iron ore can only be found there, once you actually reach it, there will be in abundance. Inside the Mine, you’ll be able to mine Iron from rock, but also every other chest inside will most likely contain Iron ore as well. Just make sure to have a Copper Mace (or better) before reaching the Mine. Because that’s what you need in order to mine the Iron.

Actually, there’s one more way to find Iron. Tiny amounts of it can be sometimes found in golden chests scattered across the other regions. But this is not reliable and it will only give you small, insufficient amounts. Once you have some Iron ore, you can process them into Iron Ingots back in your Furnace. From there, construct a Smithy and start crafting highly quality tools and weapons.

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