V Rising Mairwyn the Elementalist Location

If you’re wondering where to find the location of Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to show you exactly where this boss is hiding, and we’ll also give you a few general tips on what the fight against her is like. And, of course, what your rewards will be when you bring Mairwyn down.

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v rising mairwyn the elementalist location
V Rising Mairwyn the Elementalist Location

Where to Find Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising

To find the location of Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising, you need to go to Emberleaf Grove, which is an area in the southeast of Silverlight Hills. We’ll show you exactly where she is in the screenshots below, in case you don’t want to look for this boss on your own. If you do, you can track her via the Blood Altar in your stronghold. Before you go and fight her, do keep in mind that Mairwyn is a level 64 enemy, so maybe it’ll be a good idea to leave her for later. Don’t just go waltzing into the grove expecting an easy fight.

Speaking of, being an elementalist, Mairwyn is a mage. As such, she prefers to fight from a distance, pelting you with all manner of elemental projectile. These include bolts of ice, globes of electricity, and several different things that continually shoot fireballs. So, once you find the location of the V Rising Mairwyn the Elementalist boss, be prepared to do a whole lot of dodging. It’s probably best that you return in kind, and use mostly ranged attacks of your own. If you do opt to go for melee, bring some allies with you to draw aggro away from you.

However you approach the fight, once you emerge victorious, you’ll get the Imperial Thread crafting recipe and the Crystal Lance ability. It’s a projectile that deals a ton of damage (150% Magic damage, to be exact) and inflicts Chill, eventually freezing enemies. You can imagine how that can be useful, I’m sure.

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