V Rising Terah The Geomancer Location

Finding the V Rising Terah The Geomancer location can be a bit tricky, which is why we’ve decided to write this guide. The boss in question resides in a fairly remote place, one that you might not think to really look in. So, we’re going to show you where to find Terah the Geomancer, and we’ll also give you a few pointers as to how to beat her, and the rewards you’ll get for emerging victorious.

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v rising terah the geomancer location
V Rising Terah The Geomancer Location

Where to Find Terah The Geomancer in V Rising

To find the location of Terah the Geomancer in V Rising, you’ll have to look for her in the northwest of the Dunely Farmlands zone. Specifically, you’ll find her on a plateau in the Bedrock Pass area. You can use the Blood Altar to track her down if you don’t want to go through the hassle of searching. Or, you can just see where this boss is in the screenshots below. Once you do manage to find Terah, you should brace yourself for a relatively lengthy and rough battle. Keep in mind that she’s a level-48 enemy, so leave her be until you can handle those numbers.

Being a geomancer, Terah has a plethora of earth-based attacks that she will pummel you with. This includes raining rocks from the sky, encasing herself in a “mech” of stone, summoning Earth Golems that you have to defeat, making spikes appear from the ground, tremor attacks, etc. In other words, once you know where to find the location of Terah the Geomancer in V Rising, you should probably focus on ranged spells and weapons if possible. That way, you can keep your distance and dodge attacks while still dealing damage.

Luckily, Terah’s attacks are not too difficult to see coming and evade. It’s just that she has a lot of health, so the battle can last a while. Once you do manage to drop the geomancer, your rewards will be the Gem Cutting Table, recipes for the Siege Golem Stone and Regular Gems, and the Spectral Guardian vampire ability, which lets you shield allies.

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