Valorant Black Screen on Startup Fix

One of the most popular hero shooters you can play, Valorant has been very well received by the gaming community ever since it was released. Though, like any other game, it too has certain issues that pop up from time to time. These range from small hindrances all the way to problems that can keep you from playing the game altogether. The Valorant Black Screen that you can receive on startup falls firmly in the second category. But is there a way to resolve this? In this guide, we are going to list out several ways you can try to fix the Valorant Black Screen on Startup problem.

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Valorant Black Screen on Startup Fix

How to Fix Valorant Black Screen on Startup

There are several things you can try out if Valorant is not responding due to the black screen on startup. The first method involves updating your graphics drivers. Depending on which card model you have in your computer, go to AMD or Nvidia, and follow the installation instructions there. If this hasn’t done the trick, try to configure the environment variables. To do this, go to the Windows search box and type “Edit the system environment variables”. Click on this option. Next, click on “Environment Variables” in the System Properties. Then, click on “New”. In this new window, put in the following commands – OPENSSL_ia32cap for Variable name, and ~0x200000200000000 for Variable Value. Click Ok.

The next method is to try and change the display mode. Press Alt + Enter to toggle between Windowed and Fullscreen mode. You should also make sure that you are running Valorant as an Administrator. Right-click on the Valorant desktop icon, go into Properties, followed by Compatibility, and turn this option on. Finally, you can also try to temporarily disable your Antivirus to see if that fixes this. Hopefully, one of these solutions is going to help you so that you are no longer getting this Black Screen on Startup in Valorant.

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  1. D
    Dominique Seraphin

    I try all this issue and im still getting the not responding and valorant keeps opening as a black screen please help

    1. A

      Same thing dude, let me know if u fixed it. also, this is a recent issue ig, till 15th it worked well

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