Valorant Competitive Queue Disabled, Ranked Down

The Valorant competitive queue is disabled and ranked is down, and both have been knocked out for a couple of hours now. Needless to say, this has caused a significant amount of unrest among the game’s dedicated player base. People want to know what’s going on, and what they can do about it. That’s precisely why we’ve written this guide, so let’s dive straight in.

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valorant competitive queue disabled ranked down
Valorant Competitive Queue Disabled, Ranked Down

Valorant Ranked Down, Competitive Queue Disabled

UPDATE: The new Evolution Update 7 is going to drop on June 27th, 2023 at 11 PM CEST / 10 PM BST / 5 PM ET / 2 PM PT. This is probably going to interfere with the queue, and Ranked will definitely be down. Just something to keep in mind. Original text follows.

Ranked play in Valorant is down and the competitive queue has been disabled, as we’ve made clear in the first paragraph and as every player has noticed by now. So, what’s the cause of this? Well, as this tweet from the official Valorant account states, they’ve run into some difficulties while working on some bugs. As a result, they’ve had to disable competitive queues and everything connected to them while they work on solving these issues. The tweet doesn’t tell us when the downtime will end, aside from the “hopefully by tomorrow” part.

The whole thing began when players reported two recent bugs. One was “impacting input queuing and re-equip speeds when using Raze’s Blast Pack,” and the other made the “Spike defuse sound not audible in certain situations.” Originally, the devs estimated that a fix would come out in about an hour or two. That, unfortunately, did not happen, as evidenced by the Valorant competitive queue still being disabled and ranked being down. Whatever the cause of these bugs is, they weren’t able to uproot it, and at the time of writing, still haven’t.

Unfortunately, it seems like it’s gonna be a few more hours before the Valorant competitive queue is back up and running. So, the best advice I can give you is to just go do something else until the fix is finally done. No, I won’t make any “Valorant players need to touch grass and have a shower” jokes. You’re making them in your head anyway.

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