Valorant Error Val 46 Fix

Error codes are always frustrating, and Valorant has its fair share with Val 46 being the latest one that needs a fix. While many error codes exist on the client’s side, some are down to the developers. Since its beta release, Valorant has had a lot of these. However, most of them are fixable. Read on as we discuss a fix for the Val 46 error in Valorant.

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Valorant Error Val 46 Fix
Valorant Error Val 46 Fix

Valorant Error Code Val 46

Val 46 shows that you have an issue connecting to the game servers. This code will appear when you begin playing, or it may happen during playing time itself. There are a number of fixes that people can follow in these situations. Checking connections and updating to the latest patches are the usual culprits. Unfortunately, none of these will work with the Val 46 error.

The reason for this is that officials have already given the reason as server downtime for latest Valorant Episode 7 update. Server downtime relieves the heavy loads placed on servers and maintains the game itself. During this time, engineers will work on improving the company systems.

With no servers, you simply can not play. It has nothing to do with your PC or the connection on your end. All you can do is log out of the game then log back in. If you are lucky, servers will be back online allowing you to play once again. There is no guarantee it won’t happen during your next session.

Should you see this error for a longer period of time, such as over 24 hours, then it may be a bigger problem. Check the Valorant Twitter feed for news or speak to friends who play and see if they can get online. If only you are getting the message, then it may be worth contacting Valorant support for assistance.

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