Valorant Iso Release Date

The release date of Iso in Valorant is coming close, and I’m certain players want to know when they can start playing as the new Duelist. Well, in this guide, we are going to tell you when the new Valorant agent, agent 24, is going to come out. His arrival is going to correspond with the release date of Episode 7 Act 3, which is nice and handy. Let’s begin!

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valorant iso release date
Valorant Iso Release Date

When Does Valorant Iso Come Out – Release Date

As far as the release date of the new Valorant Duelist agent, Iso, goes, he’s most likely going to come out on October 31st, 2023. That’s also when Episode 7 Act 3 is going to kick off, so that’s the most logical time for the new character to launch. Mind you, the update is going to go live on November 1st in some parts of the world, namely Asia and probably Europe, depending on how long maintenance goes on. So, it’s going to be a while until you’ll be able to play as Iso, but you will be able to see him in action in an upcoming gmeplay trailer. It’s slated to come out on October 20th at 8 PM PST.

Valorant New Agent Iso Official Trailer

Now that we know the release date of Iso in Valorant, we can focus on the recently-released trailer. You can watch it on the official YouTube channel, but here’s a quick breakdown. Spoiler warning, of course. It starts at an underground facility after a giant explosion. A team is running cleanup. They’re talking about a lone gunman that is taking down everyone related to the (likely nefarious) research they’re doing. They share the different rumors they’ve heard of this mysterious man, eventually coming to the conclusion that it’ just stories. Surely, they have to be; no assassin could possibly be this efficient. The trailer ends with them quite predictably running right into Iso. It cuts away right after he fires the first bullet and, presumably, wipes out the lot of them.

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