Valorant Luna Bundle Skins, Price & Release Date

If you’re interested in the new Valorant Luna Bundle skins, price and release date, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we are going to show the contents of the Luna Skins, including the Luna Knife, what the expected price will be, and when it will drop in the store. So, let’s dive into the Valorant Lunar New Year bundle!

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valorant luna bundle skins price & release date
Valorant Luna Bundle Skins, Price & Release Date

Valorant Lunar New Year Bundle Release Date

The release date of the Valorant Lunar New Year skins bundle, aka the Luna Bundle, is January 26th, 2023 PT. The info comes straight from the official Valorant Twitter account, so we know that bit for certain. The tweet also features a video of the skins and attachments in action, if you want a loser look. By the way, that PT means that it could be January 27th in other time zones. Just keep an eye out on the shop from January 26th no matter where you live. The skins really do look beautiful, in my opinion. Real slick and fancy, so to speak. Now, what’s in the bundle and how much will it cost?

Valorant Luna Bundle Skins & Expected Price

The Valorant Luna bundle skins and expected price are a bit more of an unknown. Well, the price definitely is. The skins include the Luna Marshall, Ghost, Vandal and Spectre, as well as a skin for your melee weapon. It also has a weapon attachment in the shape of a cute little bunny rabbit. The blue one tries to look more dangerous, but that just makes it more adorable.

As for the price, there’s no official info on that at time of writing, but we can make some educated guesses. If the bundle is Deluxe, and it looks like it could be, it’ll probably cost somewhere in the ballpark of 5100 Valorant Points. You’ll likely be able to purchase the skins separately, probably for around 1275 VP.

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