Vampyr All Endings & How to Get Them - Good, Bad, Best, Alternative

There are four endings in Vampyre. Two are good, with slight differences which don’t really affect you experience, while the other two are obviously bad. In order to get a specific ending, it seems like you’ll have to make several specific choices during the story. Since playing through all four yourself would be too time consuming, we’ve decide to write about them in detail in our Vampyr all endings guide.

vampyr all endings
Vampyr All Endings & How to Get Them – Good, Bad, Best, Alternative

How to get good ending in Vampyr?

There are actually two good and two bad endings in Vampyr. The differences between the good ones are so slight it won’t matter which one you’ve unlocked, and the same goes for the bad ones. The good endings both see Elisabeth kill Sir William, then agree to Jonathan’s offer to find her a cure. In one version, they go off to America, while in the other, they stay locked in the castle. We’re not certain exactly what you need to do in order to get each of them, but you’ll definitely have to clear all the hostile areas in the city and avoid embracing any civilians. It seems like you need to spare the blackmailing nurse as well.

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The bad endings occur when you’ve become a monster, killing people, embracing citizens and having hostile neighborhoods across London. In both of the bad endings, Elisabeth will kill Sir William, then step into the fire, thus committing suicide. She won’t be able to trust Jonathan, and will rather take her own life than let herself become a beast once more. The difference between the bad endings is that in one, Jonathan goes on a killing spree, massacring civilians across the country, while in the other, he broods alone on a hill.

If you know any more details about the endings and how exactly to unlock them, feel free to share them in the comments, and we’ll update the article accordingly.

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  1. R

    For the good ending, you can embrace civilians. I embraced Booth Digby, Father Whitaker(for his purges) and Seymour Fishbourne(for killing in rage). I killed noone inocent though.

  2. T

    You dont have to spare every civilian. I killed one person in the docks (i think the name was seymour, he was a serial killer) and i still got the good ending (stayed in the castle). Killing him triggered quite a bit of extra dialogue and had a positive effect on his relatives so he might be a special case.

  3. W

    As long as you don’t Embrace anyone, I think you’ll get the good ending where they go to America and get the Not Even Once trophy. I Charmed the nurse and the old man, both pillars for their cities, which led to them both dying but it wasn’t by me eating them. I’m assuming you’ll get the good ending in the castle if you kill a small amount of citizens. I think his eyes go red when your on track for the bad/evil endings?

  4. D

    I (think) that the endings are reflected in Reid’s eyes.

    Unless someone can state otherwise, the best ending (going to America) only occurs if you haven’t killed anyone. His eyes are still clear.

    Embracing one person will turn his eyes sclera red, and I think the number is 1-4 embraced? Turn more than that and the Sclera (area outside the iris’s) black, and the pupil will turn cat-like, and you’ll be on the path to the bad ending(s).

    On the ninth embrace, the iris will turn reddish and that should get you the worst ending.

    If you want to test/verify this out yourself, you’ll need to be on a ‘Not Even Once’ playthrough (on PC and PS4) and make a backup of your save files. The files are located in the Appdata/local/AVGames/Saved folder. Make a copy, then nibble one person and see if you get a different ending. Repeat process and see if this duplicates it.

    (You can make a copy on the PS4 of your saves as well, but I think this requires an external hard drive/USB, google can tell more)

    Hope this helps.

  5. E

    I have embraced only one citizen, that guy on the hospital, Clay Cox. And turned McCullum and the Doctor Swansea in vampires, I’ve got the good ending (the castle one), and my eyes are red. So, I don’t think the eyes its a clue to the ending.

  6. T

    I don’t Embrace anyone and i get the good ending where they go to America, during the game i just charmed Dorothy Crane and Aloysius Dawson causing them to die.

  7. S

    Bad ending my ass, I got the best fucking ending. I killed everyone in the game and then went on a killing spree after Elizabeth killed herself. That’s how a game about vampires is played.

    1. S
      Sebastian Howard

      Lol true, its just kind of lame because you don’t get laid. The same thing happened to me in Castlevania Sotn because I didn’t want to search the entire goddamn map.

  8. C

    Idk what ending I’m going to get yet I’m just about to finish chapter 5.
    I’ve embraced Cadogan Bates, Clay Cox, and Sean Hampton. So basically 1 good guy. My dudes eyes are like green/gray. With black surrounding the iris. So ehhh we’ll see what happens.

  9. E

    I embraced Nurse Crane, Dr. Swansea (when he was dying) and the old man from the ascalon club. I turned Sean Hampton into a Vampire. I got the second good ending of staying in the castle.

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