Victoria 3 Formable Nations Explained

Like its predecessors, Victoria 3 is all about nation-building. As you play the game, you will at some point realize that you need to form nations. These so-called Formable Nations are a somewhat confusing game system. To help you better understand it and its importance in the game, our Victoria 3 Formable Nations Explained guide is here to help. Here, we are going to explain everything you need to know about how Formable Nations work.

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Victoria 3 Formable Nations Explained
Victoria 3 Formable Nations Explained

Formable Nations in Victoria 3 Explained

In total, there are (currently) 45 Formable Nations in V3. These can range from the real and historic, to the hypothetical and semi-mythic. Once you have enough states that make up a Formable Nation, you will then be able to form one (or several, depending on some other factors) of these nations. Depending on the nation you are playing as, you also may need to unlock certain technologies (such as Nationalism tech), and have a particular culture as a primary. In the next section, we’re going to explain how the process of forming a nation looks like and what it entails.

How to Form a Nation in Victoria 3

Once you meet all the prerequisites needed to form a nation in V3, go to the Cultures Tab. There, you will see the Nation Formation tab, and when you click on it, this will bring up all the Formable Nations in the game. For example, in order to form Iberia, you will need to own all 17 of the states that comprise this area, as well as to have researched pan-nationalism. The UI is very well designed, and will immediately show you what you have and what you are missing. In any case, once you do have all the states and technologies needed, you can then simply press the “Form ____” button to form this new nation.

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