Victoria 3 Increase Standard of Living and Productivity

How to increase the standard of living and productivity in Victoria 3 is something every good ruler needs to have in their mind. While leading your glorious nation during the transformative 19th century you will need to care equally about the country’s power and about the well-being of your society. Every single citizen strives to have a good, happy, and prosperous life, and for that, you must provide them with a good standard of living. Ultimately, this will result in increased productivity in Victoria 3, as your Pops will be happy. In our guide, we provide tips, tricks and strategies for increasing the Standard of Living and Productivity in Victoria 3.

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Victoria 3 Increase Standard of Living and Productivity

How to Increase Standard of Living and Productivity in Victoria 3

The Standard of Living in Victoria 3 is exactly what you would expect of it. Like in real life, it measures the ability of your population to meet basic human needs reliably every day and then it raises up from there – “From Survive to Thrive”. And this is not important only because you are a philanthropist and benevolent leader. If they don’t have good living conditions, your Pops will quickly radicalize and soon they will want to kill your and raze your nation to the ground. Thus, their happiness is important for practical purposes.

So, how to increase the standard of living in Victoria 3? In the most basic terms, you’ll need to fulfil your Pops needs – provide better jobs, increase wages, and make sure that there are enough high-quality and cheap goods. Increasing the productivity of buildings will make wages go up, and importing or producing more consumption goods will make prices go down. Now, the catch is that by increasing your Pop’s wealth, you’ll also increase their needs and desires, as they will no longer be satisfied with the usual things. Thus, you will need to carefully balance their wealth and import of better, luxury commodities which higher Strata Pops will want.

Furthermore, each Strata has its expected standard of living. And you will need to make sure that their standard doesn’t fall below expectations as they will fall into radicalism and create turmoil. And we don’t want that. Ideally, you will want your Lower Strata to be “secure”, your Middle Strata to be “Prosperous” and your Upper Strata to be “Wealthy”.

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