Visit Shy Robot, Little Chef or Demigod Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you finally unlock the Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you are going to be faced with an important first choice. Namely, you will need to choose the first realm you want to visit. This comes down to either a desolate planet with a shy robot, a restaurant with a great little chef, or the ocean with a demigod. Of course, these are references to WALL-E, Ratatouille, and Moana. So, which door to open first? In this guide, we’ll show you what happens when you visit the Shy Robot, Little Chef, or Demigod in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Visit Shy Robot, Little Chef or Demigod Disney Dreamlight Valley
Visit Shy Robot, Little Chef or Demigod Disney Dreamlight Valley

Choose Desolate Planet With a Shy Robot Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before we get into the worlds themselves, we first need to make one thing clear. Namely, no matter where you decide to go first, this doesn’t lock you from later selecting the other two realms as well. And, of course, the best choice here boils down to personal preference. Now with that said, let’s see WALL-E’s realm first. If you select this realm, you will meet and befriend WALL-E. Once you do this little robot’s quest, you will then receive a great field that’s perfect for growing crops and other plants.

Choose A Restaurant With a Great Little Chef Disney Dreamlight Valley

Restaurant With a Great Little Chef refers to Remy from Pixar’s Ratatouille. His quest, called Important Night at The Restaurant, is, naturally, all about cooking. Once you complete this culinary quest, you can then invite him back into Dreamlight. There, he is going to fix up the restaurant and help you with developing your cooking skills and discovering new recipes.

Choose The Ocean With a Demigod Disney Dreamlight Valley

Finally, the Ocean With a Demigod. This realm allows you to get not just Moana, but also the famous demigod of the wind and sea himself – Maui. Your reward for choosing this realm is +1 to your Pickaxe. This is pretty important, as there are some rocks that you won’t be able to break through until you upgrade your Pickaxe.

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