Warcraft Rumble Arclight Surge Explained

Want to know what is Arclight Surge in Warcraft Rumble and how does it work? Blizzard’s insanely addictive mobile strategy offers a myriad of game modes for players to enjoy and earn rewards. These modes include both PvP and PvE content. And we advise you to try them all, as they are both fun and essential for your progression. Arclight Surge, in particular, will probably be one of the most important game modes to play. Read on as we explain all you need to know about this game mode in Warcraft Rumble.

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Warcraft Rumble Arclight Surge Explained
Warcraft Rumble Arclight Surge Explained

Arclight Surge in Warcraft Rumble Explained

As you steadily progress through the main PvE campaign in Warcraft Rumble, you will receive Sigils, which will unlock new modes and ways of playing the game. Early in your progression, you will unlock the Arclight Surge game mode. And we do not overreact when we say that this will probably be one of the most important game modes for you to play. Namely, completing missions in Arclight Surge rewards gold exclusively. And if you are not planning on spending real-life money, Arclight Surge will be your main source of gold income in Warcraft Rumble. So, how does this mode work, exactly? Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Arclight Surges are events that happen every Thursday and Sunday.
  • Arclight Surges will occur on two random adjacent zones on the campaign map.
  • It can only occur in zones you’ve previously completed in the normal campaign mode.
  • You will recognize the transformed zones by “electrified” baby blue boarders and blue mission markers.
  • One zone will always have a unique modifier for missions, while the other zone will replace your army with random Minis specified by the description. For example: “Replace your army with random Horde and Alliance Minis.”
  • Each mission will net you 40 gold (or 60 gold if you’ve purchased the permanent boosts). That means that finishing a Warcraft Rumble Arclight Surge event will earn you 400 (600) every couple of days!
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