Warframe Hound Companions

The Warframe Hound Companions are a new type of unit that were recently added to the game. With the Sister of Parvos update, these robotic canines also made their first appearance. Every Corpus Sister has their own Hound, and when you defeat that Sister, you will be able to get it. Likewise, each Sister has one of the three available Hound models – chosen at random. In this guide, we will discuss the Hound Companions and everything you need to know about how to acquire, assemble, and use them. So, let’s begin.

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Warframe Hound Companions

How To Get Hound Companions In Warframe

You need to defeat a Corpus Sister. After that, their Hound will become available to you. Hounds are made up of four components: Model, Core, Bracket, and Stabilizer. There are three types for each component, allowing you to customize the look and stats of your Hound. You can design your own Hound by visiting Legs in Fortuna. The Model forms the head of the Hound. Each Model comes with a Precept mod on it. The following Models are currently in the game: Bhaira, Dorma, and Hec. Next up is the Core of the Hound. It adjusts the base stats of the Hound and defines the look of its torso. The Cores are: Adlet (100 Base Health, 150 Base Shields, 100 Base Armor), Garmr (100 Base Health, 100 Base Shields, 150 Base Armor), and Raiju (150 Base Health, 100 Base Shields, 100 Base Armor). The Bracket also modifies the base stats of the Hound, changes how its legs look, and comes with a Precept mod. These Brackets are in the game: Cela (+10% Health, +15% Shields, -5% Armor), Urga (+15% Health, -5% Shields, +10% Armor), and Zubb (-5% Health, +10% Shields, +15% Armor). Lastly, the Stabilizer adjusts the Hound’s tail and defines which Mod Polarities it will be able to have – in addition to a Precept mod. Here is the list of Stabilizers: Frak, Hinta, and Wanz.

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