Where is the Watch - 12 Minutes

Figuring out how to get the pocket watch in 12 Minutes is one of the many puzzles you’ll have to solve on your journey through the game. This one is a true head-scratcher. For one, it’s a huge hassle to figure out the location of the watch, and even when you know where it is, you still have to find out how to get it. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ll be covering both of these points in our Where is the Watch – 12 Minutes guide.

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where is the watch 12 minutes
Where is the Watch – 12 Minutes

How to Get Watch in 12 Minutes

To get the pocket watch in 12 Minutes, at the beginning of the loop, head directly for the kitchen counter on the right and pick up the knife. When your wife exits the bathroom, go inside and close the door behind you. Click on the medicine cabinet, and the camera will switch over to a first person view. Move the cursor all the way to the bottom to see where the ventilation grid is. Then, move the cursor to the top of the screen, then click and drag the knife down to the ventilation grid. Once your character opens it, move the cursor around in the darkness until the words next to it change from “Ventilation Grid” to “Object.” Click on the object and boom, that’s where the pocket watch is.

If you want to suss out the location of the watch “properly,” I’ll explain how to do that right now. Some spoilers ahead, so stop reading now id you want to go forward fresh. To find out where the watch is in 12 Minutes, go and hide in the closet as soon as the loop starts; you can’t let your wife notice that you’ve entered the apartment. If you do it correctly, the police officer will walk in as usual, but only interrogate the wife. At one point, she cracks and reveals the location of the watch, after which the cop kills her and leaves. That’s how you find out about the pocket watch location the “real” way.

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