Waven Tier List 2023

Waven is a new free tactical multiplayer RPG. While it is still in Early Access, it already shows a lot of promise, with a variety of different characters you can use to achieve victory. Though, while this is a good thing, it can also mean that you won’t know which characters are the best to use until you’ve had a chance to extensively play with all of them. To help save you time you would have needed to spend doing this, we are here to rank all of them in our Waven Tier List 2023.

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Waven Tier List 2023
Waven Tier List 2023

Waven Tier List of Best Heroes

Now, a couple of things that we have to note before we get into the tier list itself. First of all, as already mentioned, this game is still in Early Access. This means that it will undoubtely get a lot of updates before its full release. This includes things such as changes to balance of the characters, new gameplay options and systems, and, of course, new characters as well. So think of this more as a work in progress, one which we are bound to revisit at a later date. Also, if – for whatever reason – you disagree with any of these rankings, feel free to tell us why a certain character should be placed higher or lower. So let’s finally see what the rankings look like, starting with the best and most powerful characters at Tier S, and working our way down to the least powerful at Tier D:

  • S Tier: Scalpel De Lapostruker, Gantares Des Cendres, Galive Stakatoss, Regulant Gurapapa, and Lame Ourai.
  • A Tier: ARC Piven, Voldorak Vo, Ombraden, Lamarguedon Spectral, Catalysteur Pramium, Ambre Tamashi, Lame Voracious, and Ecorcheur Shugen.
  • B Tier: Baton Tonfavik, Pilobouli, Justelame Brutale, Bouvalouir Orok, Surin Suorokan, and Expingole.
  • C Tier: Gemme Dephasante, Synchronisteur Tako, Pinceau Kokoro, Bunelame, and Cisaille Orishi.
  • D Tier: Flamboyante Kasai, Ken Kartana, Darde Kan, Aiguille Pikuxala, and Shiru Shaden.
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    Hello, you can move Shiru Shaden from D to S xd I play it now and is one of the best job actually, at level 15 he’s incredible and at lvl 30 powerful. He can also clean the mobs 10 lvl+ and almost clean all fight T1 xd

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