Wayfinder Wish Upon a Star, Night's Maw Bug Fix

Though Wayfinder is still in Early Access, there are already a lot of things to do in the game. As it is a MMORPG, a lot of these activities are quests. Unfortunately, as can be expected from a newly-released title that is in EA, sometimes these quests can have bugs that prevent you from completing them. Such is the case with the “Wish Upon a Star” quest, in which the Night Maw boss fight can bug out in some circumstances. So if you were wondering how to fix the Night’s Maw Bug in the Wayfinder “Wish Upon a Star” quest, our guide is here to help.

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Wayfinder Wish Upon a Star, Night's Maw Bug Fix
Wayfinder Wish Upon a Star, Night’s Maw Bug Fix

How to Fix Wayfinder Wish Upon A Star, Night’s Maw Bug

Now, the first thing you need to be aware of is that, while it is possible to fight the Night’s Maw at any time, it’s best to wait until you have gotten the “Wish Upon a Star” quest, which requires you to defeat it. The next step is to get enough Wurm Bait. You can find these sticking out of the ground throught the Highlands. Place these at the pillars at the Night’s Maw location to summon it. This is a very tough battle, so you may need to grind some levels until you are prepared to fight it.

If you can’t get the Night’s Maw to spawn even after placing the bait, you need to be aware that it can only appear once every three hours or so per server. This means that another player (or players) have already dealt with it. So to fix this, go to Skylight and then return to the Highlands a couple of times to see if it can be spawned now. Simply repeat this until you are able to get it to appear.

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