What is Guido’s Catchphrase in Cars?

If you need to know what is Guido’s catchphrase in Cars for the Disney 100 TikTok quiz, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will tell you which of the phrases is Guido’s go-to. Just in case it’s been a while since you last watched Cars. Let’s get right into it!

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what is guidos catchphrase in cars
What is Guido’s Catchphrase in Cars? (image credit: Disney)

What is Guido’s Catchphrase in Cars?

The question of what Guido’s catchphrase is in Cars is one you’ll have to answer correctly in the Disney 100 TikTok quiz. Now, if you haven’t seen Cars in a while, you might still be able to guess it, but that’s not exactly advisable. I mean, sure, everyone knows it’s not ka-ciao, or kachow, or whatever. That’s Lightning McQueen’s catchphrase. Holy cannoli is something Mack the truck says, if my spotty memory serves. That leaves us with two options. And all you need to do know is remember that Guido and Luigi end up acting as Lightning’s pit crew, and the correct choice presents itself. It’s “Pit stop!”

  • Rev your engines!
  • Ka-Ciao!
  • Pit stop!
  • Holy cannoli!

And there you go, that’s what Guido’s catchphrase is in Cars, and the correct answer in the Disney 100 TikTok quiz. In fact, I believe those are pretty much the only English words he says in the entire movie. At other times, the Alza Tutto forklift speaks very excitedly and animatedly in Italian. And in case you’re still doubting that this is his catchphrase, allow me to remind you of the scene in the final race where Lightning has tire problems. He goes into the pit, and Guido change all four tires in, like, two seconds. He then turns triumphantly towards the opposing racer’s team and utters his famous words like an action hero. I adore Guido, is what I’m saying.

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