Win Jukebox Game Life is Strange: True Colors

Building relationships between characters is one of the most important things about Life is Strange: True Colors, and one of these early moments involves you trying to win a Jukebox Game against Steph. This takes the form of a sort of shortened version of Twenty Questions, where you have to guess the correct song based on questions regarding the cover art, band name, and so on. However, instead of the usual 20 questions, you only get 5 to pull this off. Naturally, this isn’t particularly easy to do. To help you get this right the first time, our Win Jukebox Game Life is Strange: True Colors guide will tell you what the correct answer is.

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Win Jukebox Game Life is Strange True Colors

How to Win Jukebox Game Life is Strange: True Colors

One of the early things you will be required to do in Life is Strange: True Colors is to take the Duckie and Diane order and to check in on Steph. When you approach her, you will get the option to ask her “Is that your shot?“, and she will inform you that she is playing the so-called Jukebox Game and invites you to join her. If you say “You’re on“, you will agree to play her. Whoever loses has to drink the shot. Since this is Bedazzled Kiwi Schnapps, no one is eager to drink it. So, here’s how you can make sure that Steph ends up drinking this disgusting drink, and not you.

Steph will take you to the Jukebox and select a song. You now have to guess the correct song, based on five questions. There are a dozen or so available songs, so guessing right can get tough. Luckily for you, we’re here to provide the answer. When you exhaust all five questions, pick “The F*ckadelics – Kiss Up and Shut Me“. And that’s it, you have guessed right, and it is Steph who has to drink the shot. Needless to say, the drink isn’t very appetizing.

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