Wolfenstein Youngblood Unable to Play Co-op With Friends

Co-op is the way Wolfenstein Youngblood is meant to be played. There are two main characters, and if you don’t play it with another living being, the AI will take control of the other one. Since the AI is far from ideal, you’ll definitely want another person on your team. However, there have been some issues, preventing people from playing with their actual friends. If you don’t want to rely on random internet strangers, this guide will show you possible ways around the Wolfenstein Youngblood unable to play co-op with friends bug.

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wolfenstein youngblood unable to play coop with friends
Wolfenstein Youngblood Unable to Play Co-op With Friends

Game Session No Longer Available

A number of players have complained about being unable to join their friends’ co-op game. No matter how many times they try, they only get a message saying the game session is no longer available, in spite of the fact the other player is patiently waiting for them to join. From what we’ve seen, this is one problem the developers will have to take care of.

There are several things you could try, but there’s no guarantee any of them’ll work. First of all, you could try changing the privacy settings in the game – some had luck when setting it to public, others did so with private. Both of you could try restarting the game, then your computers. Some mentioned running the game as an administrator helped, so you could try that as well.

Ultimately, if none of these work, you’ll just have to either be patient and wait for a patch, refund the game or play through it with an AI companion. It’s pretty unfortunate, but that’s often what happens when you buy games on launch day (or, god forbid, preorder them) – wonky new tech, teething pains and such. Hang in there, and it’ll be over soon.