How To Complete XDefiant Kills 20 Enemies Suffering From Status Conditions Challenge?

XDefiant came out yesterday and, like with many multiplayer first person shooters, it requires you to do some challenges to unlock even the basic weapons and devices. One of those devices is the flashbang grenade which many of us like to use. The challenge for it is “Kills 20 Enemies Suffering from status conditions”. The question is what are status conditions in XDefiant? Is it flashbang itself? But how can I unlock the flashbang if I must use it to do so? Or is it fire damage or some electrical damage from EMP grenades? I’m going to try and help you do this challenge and show you what I did and what I experimented with to get the flashbang grenade unlocked.

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xdefiant unlock flashbang kills 20 enemies suffering from status conditions

How To Get 20 Kills of Enemies Suffering From Status Conditions in XDefiant?

So, first of all, I was thinking in terms of elemental damage, and there’s this faction in XDefiant called the Cleaners, who are the Pyro Technicians. Their passive trait is incendiary rounds, which means that their ammo inflicts extra burn damage. So, whenever you shoot a gun, it basically does fire damage as well. I did a lot of kills with the Cleaners, but not many of them counted towards the challenge.

Then it dawned on me that you have pre-defined loadouts in the game. When you start a match, you can actually choose prebuilt loadouts and those loadouts include equipment that you didn’t unlock. Even the guns used there have attachments that you haven’t unlocked yet.

So, one of those loadouts is the SMG loadout and it contains the flashbang grenade itself. You can pick the SMG loadout; start the match; flash the enemies; kill them while they’re under the influence of the flashbang, and then that will count towards completing the enemies suffering from status conditions challenge.

Unfortunately, the SMG that’s included in the prebuilt loadout isn’t really good except in close quarters combat. I had a hard time getting kills this way.

Alternative Way to Unlock the Flashbang Grenade in XDefiant

Alternative way to do the enemies suffering from status conditions challenge is to pick the Cleaners faction and they have this ability called the Incinerator Drone. I believe that the Incinerator Drone actually does that status condition damage. When it kills an enemy, it can count towards completing the flashbang grenade unlock challenge.

So, in combination of using that pre-made SMG loadout that has the flashbang grenade included, and using the Cleaners faction with the Incinerator drone you should be able to do the challenge in no time.

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