Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Secret Pack List

There’s no doubt that YuGiOh is one of the most popular Card Games in the world. The Yu Gi Oh franchise spans across manga, anime, and many other forms of media, including video games. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is the latest video game adaptation of YuGiOh’s adventures. In it, you, of course, use cards to battle your opponents. As such, Card Packs are very important. But did you know that there are Secret Packs in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel as well? In this Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Secret Pack List guide, we will be taking a look at these, and also explain how to unlock them.

Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Secret Pack List

YuGiOh Master Duel Secret Pack List

There are many Secret Packs that players can unlock:

  1. A Song of Zephyr and Petals
  2. Abyssal Underworld
  3. Advanced Warriors
  4. AI Omniscience
  5. Altered Heraldry
  6. Artistic Angel
  7. Beasts of the Inferno
  8. Beloved Dolls
  9. Bujin’s Vault of Heaven
  10. Captivating Curtain Call
  11. Champions of Hope
  12. Celestial Dragon and Bear
  13. Cell “A” Corruption
  14. Champions of Salvation
  15. Colossal Mech
  16. Cross-Dimensional Contracts
  17. Counterswing Mages
  18. Cyber City Guardians
  19. Darkest Magics
  20. Deceitful Wings of Darkness
  21. Destiny’s Sorceress
  22. Devastation Regenerated
  23. Digital Bugs in Cyberspace
  24. Echo Chamber Nation
  25. Electrilyrical
  26. Electron Illusions
  27. Elemental Exchanges
  28. Essence of Flora and Ocean
  29. Enchanted Threads of Shade
  30. Exquisite Jet-Black Rose
  31. Gargantuan Gears
  32. Galaxy War
  33. Glacial Seal
  34. Glory on Wings
  35. Gods of Abyss and Arcadia
  36. Great Shogun’s Rule
  37. Immortal Royalty
  38. Immovable Samurai
  39. Impending Assassination
  40. Inevitability of Chaos
  41. Insect Metamorphosis
  42. Invaders from Outer Space
  43. Invulnerable Iron Wings
  44. Indomitable Knights
  45. Iron Core Synthetics
  46. Magnificence of Angels
  47. Nebula Cyclone
  48. Neo Space Comrades
  49. Onomatopair-Up
  50. Pledge of Sword
  51. Rulers of Darkness
  52. Secret Fighters
  53. Souls of the Sublime Gods
  54. Soaring on Darkest Wings
  55. Sword of the Seventh One
  56. Toontastic
  57. Transfigured Heroes
  58. Transforming Tech
  59. Three-Strike Success
  60. Traditions of Trickery
  61. Tournament Athletes
  62. The Azure in the Ivory
  63. The First Heroes
  64. Valiant Gladiator Beasts
We’ll update the list as we found new packs. If you know about any additional secret pack please leave a comment below and the name of the secret pack.

How to Unlock Secret Packs in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

To unlock the “Darkest Magics” Secret Pack, you need to craft an Ultra Rare (UR) or Super Rare (SR) card from one of the cards in the pack. If you do not know how crafting works in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, we have a great guide that explains how to craft them. The problem with this was that, naturally, players didn’t know which cards they even needed to craft.

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If you do not want to waste too much time figuring out what to craft, we can confirm that crafting the “Dark Magical Circle” card is enough to unlock the entire “Darkest Magics” Secret Pack. As for “The Azure In The Ivory” Secret Pack, the process is much the same. And, to cut to the chase, to unlock this pack, simply craft the SR “The White Stone of the Ancients” card. You can see which Cards are included in both of these Secret Packs in the screenshots below. We’d like to thank Reddit user Agent_0x5F for discovering these.

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    Cosmic Mechanical Entities (Mekk-Knights)
    Spiritual Mastery (Chamers)
    Seedling soul Fey (Sylvans)
    The Great Olds (Egyptian Gods, Exodia, etc.)

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