Zold Out Tier List

Zold:out is a tactical RPG that features elements of deck building. It features several dozen characters that you can use. And, naturally, not all of them are equally good. Since choosing the right (or wrong) characters can make your playthroughs significantly easier or harder, it’s important to know which ones are the most powerful, and which ones you shouldn’t bother with. So how to tell which ones are which – apart from trying to play with every single character in the game? Simple, just take a look at our Zold Out Tier List, where we’re going to rank the best and worst characters in the game.

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Zold Out Tier List
Zold Out Tier List

Zold Out Tier List of Best Characters

In this Tier List, we are going to rank the characters according to their power levels. We’ll start with S tier, which consists of the strongest characters in the game, and work our way down to D tier, where the characters that you can safely ignore are. We’d recommend that you focus on S and A tier characters, since these are the best. Note that, like most rankings, this is a very subjective list. If you like to play with a certain character and they are not in S or A tier, we don’t think that that should stop you from playing with them. After all, enjoying the game is what matters the most. Of course, you’re always free to share your opinion on why a character should be ranked higher or lower in the comments. And now, let’s see the rankings themselves:

  • S Tier characters: Veronica, Gloria, Ashley, and Natalie.
  • A Tier characters: Karen, Faustina, Luther, and Morgan.
  • B Tier characters: Irene, Ella, Aurura, Tess, and Dawn.
  • C Tier characters: Afra, Rosetta, Margarete, Gino, Rae, Milly, Keith, and Josh.
  • D Tier characters: Celia, Karl, Jane, Hilda, Carolyn, Adelaide, Gail, Norman, and Dorls.
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