GW2 Eater of Souls - How to kill boss in Path of Fire

Eater of Souls is a new boss in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. You’ll meet him in the third act, during The Departing. Players are having trouble with him on account of his special ability, which is a area of effect healing spell which can get him back to full health promptly. There’s a way around it, and more persistent players have managed to beat him solo. We’re going to demistify the big brute in this guide, showing you how to kill GW2 Eater of Souls in Path of Fire.

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gw2 eater of souls boss path of fire
How to kill Eater of Souls in GW2 Path of Fire

Where to search for weapons?

Before you can fight the boss, you’ll need to retrieve your weapons and skills. You’ll find them in one of the crates in the middle of the map, in the pile of loot next to the gnarled tree. They aren’t marked or highlighted in any way, so make sure you check every container you see.

How to kill Eater of Souls?

His main strength is his ability to heal himself at your expense. The drain loses effectiveness with distance, so your best bet here is to try to keep as far away from him as possible. He’ll do less damage, and restore less of his own health. Make sure you have some crowd control abilities ready – they’re essential. There are two attacks you should keep an eye out for. The first is a leap which ends with a health drain. When you see a circle around you, projecting his landing spot, get as far away as you can. After he performs this one, he’ll start filling the bar for his area of effect drain attack. This is when you should hit him with crowd control – it will cancel out the drain, letting you get a few hits in before he comes to his senses. If you don’t manage to cancel it, he’ll restore more than half his HP.

Eater of Souls Cheese

There’s also a tactic that will let you cheese the boss, but it’ll probably get patched very soon. The Eater can get stuck on the chains next to Joko’s cell – simply standing on the other side and throwing ranged attacks will whittle his health away while he tried to go through the solid object, ignoring the damage.