GW2 Springer Backpacking Achievement, Haresfoot and Shinies Bag Location

Springer Backpacking achievement is one of many you can get in GW2: Path of Fire. To complete it, you’ll need to find 12 items. It can be completed in Desert Highlands. The reward is five achievement points and a mastery point. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete Springer Backpacking and where to find Highjump Ranch Supply Barrel, Haresfoot Herb and Shines Bag.

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GW2 Springer Backpacking Achievement Desert Highlands

Where to find items in Springer Backpacking Achievement?

  • Letter from Unja – You can get this item after you complete the main story mission The Sacrifice, and buying Springer mount, and completing the heart in Stampede Uplands.
  • Highjump Ranch Springer Treat – With the Letter from Unja, go to the Stampede Uplands, complete the heart, and talk with Stablemaster Unja. She will give you this item, and inform you about the next step: Talk to Trader Berjas
  • Pricklepatch Hollow Springer Treat – You get this item once you pick up the Highjump Ranch Supply Barrel, and give it to Trader Berjas. Trader Berjas is found in the northeastern part of the Stampede Uplands camp, where you get your Springer mount. If you look at the map, you can spot the coins – merchant icon. Once you talk with him, he will give you information about the Brightwater Supply Crate.
  • Highjump Ranch Supply Barrel – an item required by Trader Berjas, location shown down below.
  • Ogre Supply Case – Gained automatically, just like the Pricklepatch Hollow Springer Treat. It serves the purpose of finding the next trader, Ollgi, in Lommuld Kraal. This location is east from Stampede Uplands, in northeastern Desert Highlands, close to Lifeblood Ravine, and south from Lommuld Kraal Waypoint.
  • Ogre Springer Treat – You’ll get this item once you herb at least one Lentils and give it to Ollgi. We’ve found one just southeast from Ollgi. Go across the bridge to the east, and keep to your right. Clear out some Branded Devourer Hatchlings, and herb it out. Talk to Ollgi afterwards to get the Treat.
  • Diviner’s Reach Supply Case – Given automatically by Trader Berjas. You should take it to trader Ouna in Diviner’s Reach, in southeastern Desert Highlands. It’s the same entrance where you came from the previous map Crystal Oasis.
  • Haresfoot Herb – a rare herb used by the local nomadic tribes, it is required by trader Ouna. You can see its location down below in the screenshot.
  • Diviner’s Reach Springer Treat – Once you give Haresfoot Herb to trader Ouna, you get this item.
  • Brightwater Supply Crate – Another item that is automatically obtained after recovering the town’s supplies for Trader Berjas. You should give it to trader Ket’abatchk at Brightwater Inlet, found at the beach, west from Brightwater Waypoint.
  • Shines Bag – an item stolen by bandits, location listed down below.
  • Skritt Springer Treat – Give the shines bag to trader Ket’abatchk, and he will give you this last piece.

Brightwater Supply Crate Location

The Brightwater supply crate is found atop the larger waterfall in northern Stampede Uplands. Go northwest from Trader Berjas, and west from the nearby Radiant Falls PoI. There is a Springer climbing route on the side of the mountain that you should use. It leads to the top of the waterfall, and Highjump Ranch Supply Barrel is hidden there.

Haresfoot Herb – Where to find it?

Haresfoot Herb is located just west from the Salt Flats, on top of the high mountain peak, north from Numbose Butte and Brightwater Waypoint. If you look at the map, you can spot blue rooftops found on the same platform. This platform leads to the nearby Griffon Roost by a small wooden bridge, with many Jacarandas around. Just next to the bridge, on the very edge of the Numbose Butte platform, you’ll find the Haresfoot Herb.Note: This herb doesn’t pop up on the map, so you can’t find it using this method. It is like any other non-crafting material node.

Shinies Bag and the Bandit’s Camp

The Shinies Bag is located just west from the Pricklepatch Hollow PoI, and the nearby heart where you can decide if you want to help Choya. The Springer comes in handy with the jumps here, and you can take the route west from trader Ket’abatchk and toward the Vantage Scree PoI, next to the many harpies. Once close to the Vantage Scree, head east, and you’ll spot a small path going downhill that takes you to the bandit camp. You can spot this single bandit camp from a distance, with guards on both entrances. Head to the center of the Bandit camp, where they have tents up, and you’ll find the Shinies Bag on the ground there.
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