Gwent New Faction Challenge To Be Followed By Premium Keg Week

The new Faction Challenge in Gwent has begun. This time around, the two warring factions are Monsters and Skellige. Participating players from both sides will get rewards, depending on how many wins they have. For a week after the challenge, if your fifth card in the keg is from the winner faction, it will automatically become Premium.

Gwent New Faction Challenge To Be Followed By Premium Keg Week
Gwent New Faction Challenge To Be Followed By Premium Keg Week

By now, dedicated Gwent players know exactly how the Faction Rallies work. You basically play matches as the faction you’re rooting for (this time around, it’s Monsters versus Skellige). Every win you score across Casual, Ranked, and Pro Ladder modes goes into the win pool of the faction you play with most. The faction with the most wins by the end of the event (May 29th) is the winner. Pretty simple. However, the rewards work a little different this time around, as in, there will be a special little something for all Gwent players after the Faction Challenge is over.

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First off, the rewards that players on both sides will get, depending on their win count, according to the announcement on the Gwent website. For ten wins, Monsters players will get the title Tyrant, and Skellige will get the title Pirate Captain. Twenty wins will get you 100 Meteorite, thirty will get you a special frame for your avatar, forty earns you 200 Scraps, and fifty wins grants you three card kegs to open. Decent enough haul, if you can get all those wins. They are, after all, for “the most loyal supporters of both factions.”

After the event wraps up, that’s when the Faction Premium Keg Week will start. Here’s how it will work. Every fifth card you get in a keg that belongs to the winning faction will automatically become Premium, regardless of whether or not you participated in the Faction Challenge. So, let’s say Skellige wins. If you open a keg, and one of the cards in the choose-one-of-three stage is Skellige, it’ll be Premium. The Faction Premium Keg Week ends on June 4th, at noon CEST.

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