Gwent First Unofficial Public Deck Tracker Released

Gwent TWCG is still in its closed Beta stage, but it’s coming along beautifully. The recent updates have turned it into an excellent, well-balanced game, and they’re gathering more players by the day. Fans have already started developing additional, independent content for the game. One such tool is the Gwent Deck Tracker. This fan-made, unofficial software is a great help, so we’ll talk a little bit more about it.

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Gwent First Unofficial Public Deck Tracker Released
Gwent First Unofficial Public Deck Tracker Released

Deck Tracker For Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

If you head over to, you’ll find something many Gwent players will find incredibly useful. The Gwent Tracker, as the name states, is a program that pays attention to cards in the game so that you don’t have to. These are the features the website boasts.

  • Shows what’s left in your own deck
  • Keeps track of what gold and silver cards your opponent has played
  • View card details by clicking on cards in the tracker
  • Show MMR and ladder rank of both players if available
  • Show base strength of units by hovering them
  • Works in all game modes
  • Fully scalable for different resolutions and streamers
  • Shows what cards have been banished from the game
  • User interface to configure the tracker’s behaviour
  • Keeps track of deck statistics (Win / Loss)

Of course, you can make the argument that you can track all of these stats yourself on paper. But, let’s face it, that’s a huge hassle. The Gwent Tracker does most of the work for you, allowing you to just concentrate on the game.

The software is still in development, so we can expect even more features in the future. The Gwent Tracker is unofficial, meaning that CD Projekt Red doesn’t officially support it. Here’s a quote from Marcin Momot of CD Projekt Red from the Gwent Tracker Reddit thread.

“Using this, or any other deck trackers, is not against our Terms of Use. However, since this is a 3rd party software, we do not officially support it, as it may have some undesired effects on the game. TL;DR Using it won’t get you banned, but you’re using it at your own risk.”

In other words, if the tracker messes with how the game runs, CDPR isn’t responsible, so the choice is up to you. Full disclosure, I personally haven’t tested the software yet, and one user has mentioned that the tracker crashes the game when they try to use it, but others are very happy with it. If you want to, give it a try, and tell us how it works for you in the comment.

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