Gwent All About Premiums Video Reveals Meteorite Powder Currency

CD Projekt Red has revealed a new Gwent video, titled All About Premiums. As the name suggests, the video informs fans about the changes to the Gwent premium cards that will take place once the Open Beta starts. It also introduces Meteorite Powder, a whole new currency that’s coming to the game.

Gwent All About Premiums Video Reveals Meteorite Powder Currency
Gwent All About Premiums Video Reveals Meteorite Powder Currency

As we’ve written before, Gwent is soon entering its Open Beta stage; on May 24th, to be exact. It will be available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A lot is going to change once the Open Beta begins, and one such thing is how Premium Cards work. In case you don’t know, Premium Cards are animated versions of normal cards. They don’t have any special effect that the normal card doesn’t; they just look cool.

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What’s going to change about Premium Cards? Well, for starters, every single card in the game, no matter its rarity or color, will have a premium version. Perhaps even more importantly. there’ll be a new currency in the game – Meteorite Powder. This currency will allow you to turn any card in your collection into a Premium, while the original gets destroyed. This way, all players will have an equal opportunity to earn some cool-looking cards.

Acquiring Meteorite Powder works just like any other currency. For one, you can just buy it, if you want. However, you’ll also get it by playing the game, through leveling rewards, daily rewards, and so on. Like with Scraps, you can also mill cards to get Meteorite Powder. However, only milling Premium Cards will get you Powder, which is fair.

Another useful feature that will roll out with the Gwent Open Beta is the new Rewards menu. In there, you can review Daily Rewards, Rank, Level and Season,a s well as how long you have left until the Daily Rewards reset. You can check out the video below for more details on Premium Cards in Gwent Open Beta.

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