Gwent Tournament Happening at Gamescom 2017

CD Projekt Red’s Team Gwent will be holding a Gwent tournament at Gamescom 2017. The event will take place at their booth in the Entertainment Area. The tournament will take place from August 25th to August 26th, and eight players will be competing for a $25.000 prize pool. Seven players will be selected based on their Gwent rank. The eighth player will be the winner of the Wild Card Qualifiers, which will take place on August 24th at the Gwent booth.

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Gwent Tournament Happening at Gamescom 2017
Gwent Tournament Happening at Gamescom 2017

Visitors of this year’s Gamescom fair, held in Cologne, Germany, will have the chance to catch a special Gwent event. Team Gwent has announced a tournament from August 25th to August 26th at their booth (hall 8, stand B021). The prize pool is $25.000, and eight players will be battling for it. Of course, Team Gwent will be presenting new content that is yet to come to the game all throughout Gamescom.

Here’s how the tournament will work. Seven contestants will be chosen based on their ranking in Gwent. The cut-off date is August 1st, so you’ll need to be in the top seven by then to qualify automatically. The eighth player will be the winner of the Wild Card Qualifiers. Eight players that were close to the top will get the chance to battle it out for the opportunity to compete in the tournament on August 24th. The Wild Card Qualifiers will take place at the Gwent booth, as well. If you get an invitation, you’ll have to head over to Gamescom; you can’t participate online.

Signups end on August 1st. If you want to participate, you can sign up on the official Gwent website. You can also find additional information about the tournament in the FAQ section below the signup form. After you sign up, get playing; you don’t have much time to rise up the ranks. See you at the Gwent table!

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