H1Z1: King of the Hill The Largest Combat Update of This Year is Live

H1Z1: King of the Hill got its largest update this year. It introduces a new weapon, the Hellfire 4-6 Submachine Gun, and it revamps the game’s core mechanics and gunplay, in order to improve combat mechanics, weapon roles, navigation mechanics, and more.

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H1Z1 King of the Hill The Largest Combat Update of this Year is Live
H1Z1 The Largest Combat Update of This Year is Live

Combat Update Patch Notes

The Combat update influences areas like: gunplay & gameplay improvements, weapons improvements, weapons tuning, new camera options, gameplay UI improvements, vehicles, footwear, the arena, new skirmish – weapon roulette, hosted games, general, bug fixes and known issues. The full patch notes, as usual, are listed on the official site.

Gunplay & Gameplay Improvements

  • Throwables no longer have to “reload” before they can be thrown.
  • The bleed mechanic has been simplified so that there are now three bleeding states.
  • Free-look functionality has been added to the Parachute.
  • Movement controls have been fine-tuned to be more responsive and better connected to the in-game actions of your character.
  • A new reticle has been added that blooms as recoil increases. Aiming down sights will bring the reticle down to a smaller size to demonstrate accuracy, while holding down fire of an automatic weapon will show how recoil increases over time.
  • Shots now leave a light trail behind them so that you can see the bullet trajectory. This can also be disabled in Settings.
  • New hitmarkers have been added to the shotgun to show how many of the pellets landed.
  • You can now move while looting.


  • New Weapon: Hellfire 4-6 Submachine Gun. Lightweight and highly effective in close-quarters combat. Fully automatic, fires its 30-round magazine in approximately two seconds.
  • AR-15 and AK-47 have been rebuilt with new models, improved animations and better muzzle effects. Other guns will be improved similarly in the future.
  • All weapons have had recoil, cone of fire, and reset time tuned to improve overall feel as well as help reinforce their intended ranges.
  • All passengers can now use the vehicle inventory, even while it’s in motion.
  • Two new camera options have been added to the game; Dynamic and Static. These are both over-the-shoulder cameras that give you a much clearer connection to your character and line of sight to your target. Static will be the default option, and you can choose between the two new cameras, and the classic live camera, in Settings.
  • Team has done a tuning pass on all footwear in the game to make sure they have distinct and useful roles depending on the situation. Shoes found in the world will auto-equip if a lesser type of shoe is currently equipped, and can now be salvaged into useful crafting materials.
  • The Arena has new Points of Interest
  • New Skirmish: Weapon Roulette – This is a standard BR mode except that all players in the match start with the same *random* gun in hand and infinite ammo for that weapon. No other guns or ammo are spawned in the map to loot, but you’ll still need to scavenge for other supplies. At certain population thresholds as the match advances, all players will have their current weapon removed and we’ll randomly select a new weapon that will be granted out to all remaining players.
  • A number of key updates to Hosted Games will improve the experience that Hosts have running games and their communities have playing them.

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