Foundation Halo Infinite Collectibles Second Skull, Audio Log Locations

Halo Infinite is littered with rewards and collectibles, leaving many people wondering where the second skull and audio log locations are in the Foundation. There is only one skull, well-hidden high up on a ledge. As this infers a bonus, it is worth the travel. Audio logs are easier to get and there are three in total. Read on as we discuss the Foundation Skull and audio log locations in Halo Infinite.

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Foundation Halo Infinite Collectibles Skull, Audio Log Locations
Foundation Halo Infinite Collectibles Skull, Audio Log Locations

Foundation Skull Location – Halo Infinite Second Scull

The Foundation Skull is a little tricky and takes some grappling and dexterity. It is on a high ledge way above the main hall. Go up the ramp and into the corridors around the hall. Travel to the left-hand side and look upwards into the rafters.

Grapple up the wall onto one of the closest beams. The skull will still be above you, so grapple onto the next highest ledge from here. It is quite dark, so we have marked the ledge with an arrow in the image above. Our video can also give you a clear guide on how to get up there.

Foundation Audio Log Locations in Halo Infinite

There are three audio logs in Halo Infinite within the Foundation. The first of these comes automatically so should not be a problem. The second one, named “Banished Escharum’s Testimony,” will be near a doorway in one of the large halls.

Audio Log 3 is the one titled “UNSC The Prisoner 01.” You will encounter this when you restore power to the elevator. Go downward and head for the large gantry that juts out into the foundation. It has a console next to it. To the left, you will find the third Foundation Audio Log. Our video below can give you a visual guide to where these reside. 

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