Grappling Hook Halo Infinite - How to Use Grappling Hook

The grappling hook is a new item in Halo Infinite, and how to use the grappling hook is somewhat of an art form. It has both a short-range and only three uses. However, it can propel you onto high ledges and into the heat of melee combat. If you master it, it can become more deadly than any grenade or gun. Read on as we discuss how to use the grappling hook in Halo Infinite.

Grappling Hook Halo Infinite - How to Use Grappling Hook
Grappling Hook Halo Infinite – How to Use Grappling Hook

How to Use Grappling Hook Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has added a new tool to its array. This is a grappling hook. It has the ability to fire at surfaces above, propelling you upwards. On the surface, this sounds pretty mundane. Especially when you consider its limitations.

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The grappling hook, in the right hand, is much more than the sum of its parts. You can use it to silently sneak up on enemies or capture loose flags. You can winch onto vehicles or get high sniper positions. Now known as the Grappleshot, unfortunately, it is quite hard to come by, and even tougher to use.

The Grappleshot is not something you will have at the start of a match. It is discoverable on the battlefield, like extra weapons. It will tend to generate in the middle of a map. While useful, it does have its downsides.

The range of the item is not very far at all. If you cannot get it to shoot, then your target is likely to be too far away.  You can only use it three times, so choose your shots wisely. Should you get eliminated, you will lose it. 

This makes mastering the Grappleshot a task in itself, and one that has added a lot of fun to the game. As such, the Grappleshot is a sought-after item on the field. If it gets taken by someone else, don’t panic. The blue ring will show that the hook is being regenerated somewhere on the field. This usually takes about 15 to 20 seconds in each game mode. Of course, this does leave you a little out in the open, and everyone will know exactly where you are.

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