How to Change Hairstyles Hogwarts Legacy

If you want to know how to change hairstyles and hair color in Hogwarts Legacy, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we are going to explain how you can alter your character’s hair in the game. As it turns out, you just need to find the barbershop. So, let’s find out where that is!

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how to change hairstyles hogwarts legacy
How to Change Hairstyles Hogwarts Legacy

How to Change Hairstyles in Hogwarts Legacy

To change your hairstyles and hair color in Hogwarts Legacy, you have to unlock access to Hogsmeade. Basically, just play through the game and you’ll eventually get access to the village. There are many crucial services the place has to offer, so the game is not gonna hide it behind some side activity. Anyways, once you’re in Hogsmeade, the next step is to find the barbershop. That’s where you can freely switch your hair color and hairstyles. Just pay the fee to the barber and let them do their magic (pun absolutely intended). It bears mentioning that, aside from clothing, this is the only way you can change your character’s appearance. Approach the character creation seriously.

And there you have it, that’s how you can change your character’s hairstyles and hair color in Hogwarts Legacy. Perhaps there will be other methods; we’ll be sure to update the guide with more information as we discover it. I assume Polyjuice Potion might become an option at some point, but as we all know, those changes are not permanent. So, the barbershop is going to be your only recourse if you wanna switch things around. And, again, I cannot stress this enough – that is the only aspect of your character’s look that you can play around with. Everything else, like skin color and face shape, cannot be changed. Which is weird, considering that spells to change your appearance to exist, but whatever.

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