Hogwarts Legacy Climb the Battlements in High Keep Quest

Not sure how to climb the wall of the battlements and enter the gatehouse for the “The High Keep” quest in Hogwarts Legacy? We’ve got you covered! The wizarding world action RPG has countless puzzles and quests for players to solve. Many of them will require a thinking-outside-the-box approach and experimenting with many of your spells. In this guide, we explain how to solve the “The High Keep” gate puzzle and climb the battlements in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Climb the Battlements Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep
Hogwarts Legacy How to Move the Box and Enter the Gatehouse

How to Climb the Battlements in Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep

After you meet Natsai Onai near Falbraton Castle, you’ll immediately stumble upon your first hurdle in Hogwarts Legacy’s “The High Keep” quest. The main gate is locked, and you will need to find an alternative way to enter. The game will suggest “look for a way to climb the wall of the battlements”. Hence, that’s the first thing you need to do. Use “Revelio” near the gate, and you’ll reveal several interactive objects to the right of the gate. You can climb there via a pile of rubbish on the ground level. However, now the real problem is here.

First, you’ll need to open a small iron gate leading to the room with a box. Therefore, you’ll need to choose a proper spell for this action. There is a lock-like object just to the left of the door. And you will need to use the “Depulso” spell to trigger the lever and unlock the gate. Next, enter inside and grab some loot. However, the big box inside was the primary purpose of opening this gate. At this point, you will want to interact with the box in order to position it as a mid-step for you to climb to another level of the battlements.

How to Move the Box in Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep

Before doing anything with the box, an important warning! Make sure to save your progress here, as the box is very tricky to manipulate, and it can easily get stuck in the surrounding, which will irreversibly break the quest. The best combination of spells to use for this is Accio first and then Wingardium Leviosa. Otherwise, the box can get stuck to the point where it can no longer be moved if you start with Wingardium Leviosa immediately. Thus, pull the box out of the room with Accio first and then use Wingardium Leviosa to position it properly below the opening in the wall. Once you have this set up, climb via the box and the wall to get to the next level of the Battlements and enter the Gatehouse.

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