Hogwarts Legacy Controller on PC Not Working Fix

Not sure how to use a controller in Hogwarts Legacy on a PC? The long-awaited wizard RPG has finally arrived, to the delight of millions of Harry Potter fans worldwide. With the Deluxe Edition’s early access now being available on PC via Steam, players are already flocking in masses to start playing the game. Unfortunately, there are a few issues at launch, including the one where the Hogwarts Legacy controller is not working on PC. If that’s the case for you, read on to learn about the solution.

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Hogwarts Legacy Controller on PC Not Working Fix

How to Use a Controller in Hogwarts Legacy on PC

Although a mouse and keyboard are synonymous with PC gaming, many gamers still love to use a controller for certain games, even on a PC. This is particularly the case for third-person adventures and action RPGs, where it feels more fluid and natural to move with a controller. That’s why many fans are opting to play Hogwarts Legacy with their favourite controller via Steam. However, many players have issues with this at launch, as the game doesn’t recognize their controller. Thus, what should you do in this case?

Firstly, the safest way to play with a controller on a PC is by plugging it into your PC via USB. Oftentimes many games have difficulties recognizing a controller if you are using a Bluetooth connection. If you have an Xbox controller, you will probably be able to use Bluetooth. You’ll need to check the Bluetooth menu in the system tray and see if the PC has recognized your device.

If you’re connecting your controller via USB, open Steam, head to Steam/Settings/Controller/General Controller Settings, and select your device. If you are not using a natively supported controller (Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo), select “generic gamepad configuration support”. With that said, our “Hogwarts Legacy Controller Not Working” guide is completed. If you have any other issues, ask us in the comments section!

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