Hogwarts Legacy Crucio Quest Choice

Out of the many, many spells that exist in the world of Harry Potter, only three of them are considered to be forbidden. These are the Unforgivable Curses. They consist of Avada Kedavra (the killing curse), the Imperiatus Curs (aka – Imperio), and the Cruciatus Curse (Crucio). You can learn all of them in Hogwarts Legacy. Though, since they are considered evil spells, this is entirely optional. You will get the chance to learn them during Sebastian Sallow’s questchain. Crucio is the first of these spells that you can unlock, though there is a choice that you will need to make regarding it. We are going to show you what each of these three choices in the Crucio Quest in Hogwarts Legacy will lead to, so that you know which choice to make.

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Hogwarts Legacy Crucio Quest Choice
Hogwarts Legacy Crucio Quest Choice

All Crucio Quest Choice Results in Hogwarts Legacy

In the Crucio Quest, you will get to a point in the game where one of you – either Sebastian or yourself – are going to need to cast the Cruciatus Curse on the other person. There are three possible dialogue choices that you can make here. These are:

  • “Very well. I don’t want to learn the Cruciatus Curse.” Selecting this will mean that you have chosen not to learn the Crucio spell. Note that this is your only chance to do so and if you refuse – you won’t be able to learn it later on. Selecting this will result in Sebastian casting the Crucio spell on you.
  • “I want to learn the Cruciatus Curse. But you must cast it on me.” Choosing this will result in you learning the Cruciatus Curse, but having Sebastian cast it on you. Due to the nature of the spell, you will lose almost all of your health when he does this. Though, you can look at this as the option to get the spell while still sparing your friend from suffering.
  • “Teach me the Cruciatus Curse and I’ll cast it on you.” Similar to the second option, here you will also learn the spell, but you will cast it on Sebastian instead. Naturally, you won’t lose any health here, though you will hurt your friend.

Should You Learn Crucio in Hogwarts Legacy?

The choice of whether or not you should learn Crucio (or any of the other two Unforgivable Curses) in Hogwarts Legacy comes down to your personal role-playing preferences. If you want to play as a good Witch or Wizard, then these spells are a no-go. However, if you want to have the best and most powerful spells in the game and don’t really care too much about role-playing a good character, then by all means – you should learn all of them. Either way, there won’t be any big consequences to you learning these, so you don’t have to worry about – for example – getting a bad ending because of that.

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