How to Sell Items and Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

Selling off items and gear that you no longer want has been a staple of video games for several decades now. This allows us not just to make space in our inventory by selling off the things we have no use for, but to also make some much-needed cash while doing so. Being an open-world action adventure in which we can collect all manner of items and other loot, it’s no wonder that the option to buy and sell things is also present in Hogwarts Legacy. So if you’re wondering how to sell items and gear in Hogwarts Legacy, this guide is going to explain the entire process.

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How to Sell Items and Gear in Hogwarts Legacy
How to Sell Items and Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

How and Where to Sell Items and Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

You can sell and buy items and gear at various vendors that are scattered around the game. Once you have found and interacted with a vendor, they will give you a brief introduction, and the next time you speak with them, you’ll automatically enter the bartering screen. On the left side of this screen – illustrated by three coins stacked on each other – is the buy screen. And on the right – featuring a chest – is the sell screen. Select it and you will then have the option to sell off any items and gear that you no longer want or need.

You will be able to recognize vendors on your map thanks to a pretty obvious icon that looks like three stacks of coins. Also, when you get close to a shop or vendor, the game will highlight that location with that icon, so that you know where to go. A great early-game shop that you can easily go to is the “Tomes and Scrolls” shop. It is located in Hogsmeade and run by Thomas Brown.

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