Hogwarts Legacy Sebastian or Natty Choice

The Harry Potter series has always featured strong relationships between characters. Since the majority of the series takes place in a school, friendships and other such bonds between students are to be expected. Hogwarts Legacy also has you build up a relationship with various characters in the game. Only, since it is a game after all, the choice of which characters you want to befriend is up to you. For example, early on in Hogwarts Legacy, you will be presented with a choice of who to go to Hogsmeade with – Sebastian or Natty. So which character should you choose here? Is this choice going to have any important consequences later on? We are going to analyze both Sebastian and Natty and decisions right here, so that you can select the best one for you and your player character.

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Hogwarts Legacy Sebastian or Natty Choice
Hogwarts Legacy Sebastian or Natty Choice

Choose Natty or Sebastian in Hogwarts Legacy

First, let’s see both characters. We’ll start with Natty. Her full name is Natsai Onai, and she is your Gryffindor companion. Hailing from Africa, she transferred to Hogwarts once her mother accepted the post of Divination professor there. Like all Gryffindor characters, she is brave and loyal. Next, Sebastian Sallow. Your resident Slytherin companion, Sebastian is charismatic and likable. Like all Slytherins, he, too, has an ambitious streak, as well as a craving for more power.

As to who is the better choice – Sebastian or Natty, it all comes down to your personal preferences. Whichever character you take will, of course, have unique dialogue lines there, but this does not mean that you will lose out on the opportunity to build up your relationship with the character that you don’t choose. So simply take whichever character you like more and don’t worry – you will be given plenty of chances to get to know both Sebastian and Natty during the course of the game.

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