Hogwarts Legacy PC Deluxe Edition Can't Play 72h Early Access Explained

Hogwarts Legacy is finally out. Well, in Early Access, that is. Players that have pre-purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game will have (among other exclusive goodies) three days of Early Access ahead of the official release date. However, it seems that PC players that have bought the Deluxe Edition can’t play the game, and get the error – available on February 10th. Is this because of a bug? Some oversight? We’re going to answer why this is the case in our Hogwarts Legacy PC Deluxe Edition Can’t Play 72 hours early access Explained guide.

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Hogwarts Legacy PC Deluxe Edition Can’t Play Explained
Hogwarts Legacy PC Deluxe Edition Can’t Play Early Access Explained – Available on February 10th

Hogwarts Legacy PC Deluxe Edition Can’t Play Early Access Explained – Available on February 10th

Depending on where they live, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players are already able to play Hogwarts Legacy in Early Access. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for PC players as well. Well, the reason why this is happening is because the PC version of the Deluxe Edition has a different release date and time than the PS5 and Xbox versions of the game. But don’t worry, as you’ll be able to play the game on the PC very soon. In fact, the release date and time for the PC is Tuesday, February 7th, 2023, at 7 PM CET / 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT.

This unfortunate mix up has probably been the result of miscommunication. Since the console version of the game had a global launch at the same time (midnight at your local time), it was natural to assume that this would also be the case for the PC version as well. There isn’t anything to do except to wait until the PC Deluxe Edition unlocks on the 7th. In the meantime, we recommend that you read through our Hogwarts Legacy archives if you want to familiarize yourself with the game ahead of time.

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  1. R
    Random Gamer

    This game already sucks because of this!!! Get the money and give me the game!!

    1. J
      John Michael Tesseneer


    2. T

      look up the release date for ur timezone i live in the netherlands for me the game should be active 19:00 TODAY

      1. D

        I’m in the UK so 18:00 for me?

      2. B

        ik ook man. niks online

      3. R

        Game should be aviable here in Germany since 10 minutes but its still says “wait till 10th. ” I mean what brings a Deluxe Version exept the mount … if the Early Acces “Wich was my main reason” dosn’t work. Its 19:11PM here already.

      4. M
        Matthijs Diesveld

        nogsteeds niet online en bij jou?

      5. R

        im from the netherlands to but i cant play yet even tho i have the deluxe edition.

      6. Y

        i live in the netherlands as well, yet its past 7pm but the button for play is still grayed out on steam

      7. M

        I still can’t play and I live in Belgium, how about you?

      8. D
        Dario Fanelli

        I got the game also and I live in the Netherlands I still can’t play it…..

    3. G
      Get a Life

      It literally comes out in a few hours, chill out loser.

  2. B
    Bradley Barr

    Sounds like false advertising to me. Preordered to play early and can’t. I should get a refund.

    1. J
      John Michael Tesseneer

      It is 100% false advertisement brother it’s literally lawsuits waiting to happen just wait man if they don’t do something they’re going to screw themselves over.

    2. T

      PC (Steam, Epic Games Store)
      Globally for PC players of Hogwarts Legacy the 72 Hour Early Access period will begin on February 7th at 10 AM PST/ 1PM EST.

      1. S

        It’s Feb 7th 10.11pm EST and nothing! I paid deluxe for nothing! Somebody please help!

        1. Y

          I don’t understand all these complaining people who don’t read before they buy. Anyway, it’s 10:00 AM PST, not EST. So you only have 2 hours and 36 minutes to wait.

          1. L

            still not working and its 1PM EST

          2. A
            Alex Martinez

            It’s 12 CST right now which means it’s 10 pst. I should be able to play the game yet I can’t. Do you not know how time zones work or?

          3. L

            Bro, it’s past 1pm est which is past 10am pat and people on steam are still unable to play the game on steam so how about you learn what you are talking about before speaking, there is obviously an miscommunication issue between steam and the game makers

      2. T

        I preordered on PC and its past the time it says and I still can’t play.

      3. B
        Brennon E Cary

        It’s 10AM PT and I have the Deluxe version and still can’t access the game

  3. _

    It’s now 9pm ET so I should have had access hours ago and I still can’t launch the game. I’m very disappointed, this was a big reason I preordered the deluxe edition.

  4. D

    This makes no sense whats so ever… PS5 version already gets some exclusive quests on top of the 72 hour release and PC players are left completely neglected in the shadows by the looks of it.. Very poor look from the company already and i can promise you this is gonna get heated..

    1. J
      John Michael Tesseneer

      Yep 100% lawsuits come incoming guys multiples if they don’t refund or do something for the PC community there’s going to be backlash severe backlash no matter how good the game is..

  5. F

    I wish I had known this prior. Used a vacation day for this launch. Waited years for this game and now turns out could have worked almost a whole day since it doesn’t come out till 1pm. They need to start advertising launch TIMES not just DATES.

    1. Y
      Yall Stupid AF

      They did… you just cant read obviously

  6. D

    It is an outrage to do this! I took a vacation day for this release and in my time zone it releases at 7PM!!!
    I am also wondering why vastly inferior machines (in my case) get a game earlier. What happened that it is not possible for Steam and Epic to adapt to the timezones? and why do xbox and playstation have that?

  7. J
    John Michael Tesseneer

    Sounds like a lawsuit to me I pre-ordered February 3rd my codes don’t work on PC and nobody has got back to me from support. I’ll never buy from d2a again this is my first time I usually use instant gaming seen as I have a contract with him but I decided to test g2a since everybody loves it. Never again. Unless it’s the very rare cards which I hope it is. So sad. I’m a streamer and all of my regulars were looking forward to me streaming it last night and I had a countdown and everything

  8. O
    One pissed off gamer

    This is absolute utter BS. Nowhere, anywhere, did it say a later time of day for PC players. And that means its not actually 72 hours early access AS ADVERTISED!!! Its 62 for PST players and less for others! Some not till 7pm?! Thats a straight up lie and deceptive marketing! WT actual F???

    1. T
      This sucks

      Still not ready in Norway 🙁 bulls***

    2. K

      It’s 10:30 AM PST on the 7th, but I STILL cannot play, What’s going on? And forget “deceptive marketing” it’s straight up incorrect. It does them and no one else any good to give faulty information for this!

    3. P


  9. B
    Brandon Chacon Mata

    It’s hilarious how it seems people are going to suicide just because the PC version comes out at 1:00pm EST LOL. “oh I’m so pissed, GIVE ME A REFUND NOW!” this is better than a comedy show.

  10. H

    Well, its 1:05 EST on Febuary 7, 2023, and Hogwarts Legacy is still locked………………………………….

  11. A
    Alex Martinez

    It’s 12:13pm right now for me, it was supposed to be available at 12. It still won’t let me play the game

  12. J
    Jessica Rortina

    It’s past the so-called PC start time and I still cannot play.

  13. H

    In italy is 7:20PM, the game had to be playable at 7:00, but I can’t run it, anyone that know what to do?

  14. K

    So disappointing. I also used a vacation day for this, and I can’t even play. It’s now 2/7 1:25 PM EST for me and the game’s still not available. We all deserve refunds, and it doesn’t help that Steam Support is impossible to get in touch with. To my knowledge there’s no way to open a ticket on their website

  15. A

    its 7:32pm and still nothing what for bullshit is this

  16. P

    It’s supposed to be playable 19:00 CET, the time now is 19:47 CET and the game isnt playable and steam still says 10th of february!!!

  17. A

    also its 55 mins past the release time… and still cant load the game

  18. T

    Mine says cst supposed to be out for early access at 12pm and it’s 1 15 pm and still nothing wasted money shoulda just went with the base version or not have bought it at all

  19. D

    And still now no access in the UK on steam if you used cdkeys

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