Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle Solution, Enter The Ruins

If you want to “Figure Out How To Enter The Ruins” in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ve come to the right place! The Hogwarts Legacy “Sundial Puzzle” is part of a side quest for Poppy called “A bird in the hand”. This guide provides a solution on how to open the door with symbols and solve the puzzle with the two pillars, aka the Sundial Puzzle.

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Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle Solution, Enter The Ruins
Sundial Puzzle Solution Hogwarts Legacy

How To Solve Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle, Figure Out How To Enter The Ruins

So, how to solve the “Sundial Puzzle” for the quest “A Bird in the Hand” for Poppy and gain access to the ruins? Although it looks complicated, this quest is actually relatively easy to understand once you look carefully. It consists of a door with symbols, two pillars, and two circles on the ground with the same symbols. Patches of light and dark are also involved.

In order to solve this Hogwarts Legacy Sundial puzzle, the very first step is to check the door and see which symbols are lit up. We are talking about the closed doors which lead to the ruins. There are symbols around them, and two of them will be visibly brighter. Remember them. The next step is to find those two symbols on the ground around the pillars.

At this point, find the first symbol and walk directly to the opposite side of it. Next, cast Accio on one of the pillars and move them directly to the opposite side of the symbol. There should be a round slot there. And that’s where you need to place the pillar. Afterwards, find the other symbol and simply repeat the process. As a result, once both pillars are at their correct places, the door will open! With that said, our “Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle Solution, Enter The Ruins” guide is completed!

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