Honkai Star Rail Blue Memory Bubble Explained

If you are unsure what are Honkai Star Rail Blue Memory Bubbles, we got you covered. When you start your adventures in Honkai Star Rail, the Herta Space Station will be your first zone to explore. Here you will learn the basics of combat, exploration, characters, and other game mechanics and systems. Among other things, you’ll also stumble upon mysterious Blue Memory Bubbles. However, you will not be able to touch them. In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about them.

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Honkai Star Rail Blue Memory Bubble Explained

What is Blue Memory Bubble in Honkai Star Rail

The Herta Space Station is a starting zone Honkai Star Rail from where you will embark on an epic journey through the universe onboard the Astral Express. However, you will first want to take your time and learn all the basics before leaving the station. After all, that’s what the quest says as well. Most things here will be rather straightforward. However, there’s one thing that’s confusing players.

Namely, there are mysterious Honkai Star Rail Blue Memory Bubbles all over the place. When you touch the bubble, nothing happens. Hence, you need to learn what you need to do. In order to unlock the ability to touch these Memory Bubbles, you will need to talk to Herta. Herta can be found on the second floor of the Storage Zone area on the Herta Space Station. Check out our image and map below for her exact location.

Once you know where she is, you’ll need to complete the small “Unearthly Marvel” tasks, which consist of you unlocking the lucent passageway. To unlock it, go forward-left-forward to reach the left portal, and then finish the remaining tiles. Finally, speak with Herta; she will grant you the ability to touch Blue Memory Bubbles and unlock their memories.

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