Honkai Star Rail Fool's Box Puzzle Solution

In our Honkai Star Rail Fool’s Box Puzzle Solution guide, we are going to show you how to solve this puzzle in the Vessel of Mediocrity (Part 3) quest. It’s not the most difficult box puzzle in the game, but it does offer plenty of chances for error. That can turn into a hassle and an annoyance pretty quickly. Hopefully, this guide will help you get past it.

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honkai star rail fools box puzzle solution
Honkai Star Rail Fool’s Box Puzzle Solution

How to Solve The Fool’s Box Puzzle in Honkai Star Rail

To solve the box puzzle in Honkai Star Rail Fool’s Box step in the Vessel of Mediocrity (Part 3), you need to carefully maneuver them into the glowing slots. Problem is, a couple of wrong steps can lead you into a deadlock, leaving restarting as your only option. So, let’s explain how it should work. The boxes are initially in the shape of a J. We’ll begin with the box at the lower tip of the J. Push that box up two spaces. Then, take the middle box and push it two spaces left and one up. Lastly, take the final box and push it one space down, once space left, and then one space up. Boom, you’re done. You can look at the solution below (image from Reddit user UndeadAI).

how to solve the fools box puzzle in honkai star rail
Puzzle solution

And there you have it, that’s how you solve the Honkai Star Rail Fool’s Box puzzle in the Vessel of Mediocrity (Part 3). It’s not the hardest box puzzle in the game, as we’ve said, and there are several ways you can go about solving it. The solution we’ve given you above is the simplest way to go about it and has the least chance of getting yourself stuck. The rewards you get from this puzzle are pretty cool but, most importantly, it allows you to proceed with the main quests. I know, I find these block puzzles annoying too at times, but now at least you know how to wrap it up quickly. Good luck!

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