Honkai Star Rail Huohuo Best Team Comps

Huohuo is one of the latest characters that have recently been added to Honkai Star Rail with its 1.5 update. A 5-Star Abundance: Wind character, she specializes in healing and buffing her allies. Because of this, she needs just the right sort of team that can make the most use out of her and her abilities. In this guide, we are going to go over all of the best team comps for Huohuo in Honkai Star Rail and also answer the question of whether or not is it worth it to pull for Huohuo in HSR.

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Honkai Star Rail Huohuo Best Team Comps
Honkai Star Rail Huohuo Best Team Comps

Best Team for Huohuo Honkai Star Rail

Huohuo is primarily a healer and buffer – specifically increasing the ATK stat. Because of this, she can easily fit in many team comps, particularly ones that can take advantage on ATK buffing. as such, to make the most advantage out of Huohuo, the best party comp featuring her must include a powerful DPS character, and other support units. For example, a good team comp for Huohuo would be her, Seele, Silver Wolf, and Bronya. With Seele as your main DPS and ATK buffs from Huohuo, DMG and Crit Buffs from Bronya, and Silver Wolf debuffing enemies, Seele can become a powerhouse that easily cuts through all of your enemies.

Huohuo, Kafka, Tingyun, and Sampo is another great team comp, and it works in a similar manner – with Kafka being buffed by Huohuo and Tingyun. Huohuo, Jing Yuan, Topaz, and Asta likewise makes for a very effective team here.

Is Huohuo Worth It?

Huohuo is an excellent healer and ATK buffer, but whether or not you should pull for her depends on if you haven’t gotten Luocha or built up other good healers such as Natasha or Lynx. In case you don’t already have a dedicated powerful healer that can increase ATK, then Huohuo can definitely fill that spot on the team.

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