Honkai Star Rail Softlock Silver Wolf First Fight Fix

If you’re getting softlocked in Honkai Star Rai in a fight where you first use Silver Wolf, don’t panic. Honkai Star Rail boasts a variety of different characters and combat options. And to understand them better, you will be presented with small tutorials (in popup boxes) during your first few fights in the game. This can lead to an unpleasant experience of being soft-locked in Honkai Star Rail. Here’s how to fix this.

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Honkai Star Rail Softlock Silver Wolf First Fight

Silver Wolf First Fight Softlock Honkai Star Rail

One of the very first characters you’ll meet in Honkai Star Rail is the expert hacker Silver Wolf. This member of the Stellaron Hunters will want to showcase her skills at the first opportunity to do so. This suits perfectly for the tutorial to learn the basics of turn-based combat in this game. And one of the very first things you’ll learn is that all characters share “energy”. This is a resource you use for your attacks, skills and ultimate. Usually, you choose what you want to play and when. However, during the tutorial, the game will prompt you to do certain things in order to show them to you. Hence, this can create a situation where you’ve used all your energy and can not cast Silver Wolf’s ultimate when promoted.

“So in the fight where you get to use Silver Wolf [for the] first time, do not use Kafka’s skill(with basic, you won’t have the energy to cast her Ult). And if you do, use it, don’t click her Ult. The game soft locks where you can’t do anything because you’re supposed to use Silver Wolf’s Ult,” wrote Reddit user Creativeyoinker11.

So there you have it, that’s the issue. Just be careful not to spend all the energy prior to being asked to cast Silver Wolf’s Ultimate. And hopefully, Honkai Star Rail will not soft-lock. If you happen to stumble upon any other situation where the game soft-locks, share it with us in the comments!

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