Honkai Star Rail Thief, Hook Quest

The Old Foreman’s Treasure is one of the most interesting quests in Honkai Star Rail. In it, your job is to figure out who stole a prized relic from your friend Hook’s father. There are four possible culprits here. These are: the tailor, the cook, the helper, and the merchant. Each one of them could have committed this crime, but only one of them is responsible for the theft. But which one is it? Well, if you are struggling with figuring out who the criminal behind this case is, we are here to tell you who the real Thief is in the Honkai Star Rail Hook Quest.

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Honkai Star Rail Thief, Hook Quest
Honkai Star Rail Thief, Hook Quest

Who is the Thief Honkai Star Rail, Hook Quest Old Foreman’s Treasure

Once you progress this quest far enough, you will get an objective to talk to all four suspects at the scene. Naturally, each of them claims that they had nothing to do with the crime. But, we know that this cannot be the case and that someone is lying. But who could it be? Well, you can deduce this by listening to what all the suspects are saying and who they are accusing of the crime. And, going by the process of elimination, you will soon realize that there is only one logical outcome. That is, that the criminal is none other than the Cook.

Once you present your findings to Hook and Swetta, pick the Hook as your suspect. Now, all that’s left is to go confront the cook. The cook has run away, so follow Hook until you catch up with him. Get ready for a fight against the Cook and his cronies. Once that has been dealt with, go to Boulder Town and speak with Balaway there. No matter what you choose here, all that’s left is to go back to Hook’s father to complete The Old Foreman’s Treasure quest.

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