Who is Honkai Star Rail Firefly - Is She Dead?

With the recent release of update 2.0, many fans where shocked to see what happened to Firefly, and are left wondering – just who is Firefly in Honkai Star Rail, and is she dead? Like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail has a large cast of colorful characters. Some of these are companions, while others are just NPCs. So who is Firefly and what happened to her in this new update? Needless to say, but it’s all spoilers from here on out. So if you haven’t yet had the chance to play through HSR 2.0’s content – you may want to experience it first and only then read this article.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail Firefly - Is She Dead
Who is Honkai Star Rail Firefly – Is She Dead?

Who is Firefly in Honkai Star Rail?

Firefly is an NPC in HSR. She was first introduced during the Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.6 “Crown of the Mundane and Divine” Special Program. We finally got the chance to meet her during the Sleepless Night mission in 2.0. We halped her fend off some thugs that were threatening her. Later, it is revealed that she is indeed a Stowaway, as well as that she is suffering from Entropy Loss Syndrome. This illness makes her slowly fade away. After facing Something Unto Death, and once the Trailblazer enters the Reverie Hotel Dreamscape, they witness Firefly being attacked – and seemingly killed – by Death.

Is Firefly Dead in HSR?

As of right now, it looks like that is the case. At least – spiritually dead, if not in the physical sense of the word. After Firefly’s apparent death in HSR, Black Swan told us to gather up all of her memories that are left. This seems to indicate that it may be possible to somehow bring Firefly back. Of course, if that is indeed the case, this is probably something that is going to occur in a future update.

Is Firefly the Pilot of Sam?

A leak seemed to indicate that Firefly is the pilot of Sam. However, knowing what we know now – there is no indication that this is the case. As such, it’s very possible that this leak is simply not true. Though, it’s always possible that this will end up being the case, and that Firefly will turn out to be Sam’s pilot and a playable character in the future.

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