Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron Zeta Location - How to complete dungeon

Cauldron Zeta is one of the hidden areas you can explore in Horizon Zero Dawn. Like all other Cauldrons, it’s an automated robot factory below the ground. Completing the dungeon gets you a significant amount of XP, as well as the ability to override more machine animals. In this guide, we’ll show you everything that’s essential to know about Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron Zeta – where to find it, how to enter it and how to defeat the Thunderjaw boss.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron Zeta
Cauldron Zeta in Horizon Zero Dawn

Where to find Cauldron Zeta Entrance

The recommended level for Cauldron Zeta is 20. To find the entrance, you’ll have to go to the northwest of the map, between the northernmost and the north-westernmost part. You can see the exact location on the map below.

The hidden entrance is on a cliff nearby. With your back turned to the main door, scan the cliff on the right. You’ll see a Redeye Watcher moving around up there, and that’s where the entrance is. Hug the right wall and go around that side of the mountain and find a part that you can jump on. Kill the Watcher, and go down into Cauldron Zeta.

How to reach Cauldron Zeta core

Cauldron Zeta is not very hard to navigate. Once you’ve found the entrance, head all the way down. Drop down from the platform and head left into the cavern. Keep heading that way until you reach the core entrance. Drop down into the water and head inside the doorway.

Rappel down from the ledge and prepare to kill the two Watchers lurking below. Once you’ve dispatched them, climb up on of the discharge pylons and override it. Prepare to fight the Thunderjaw boss.

How to beat Thunderjaw boss

The Thunderjaw is a formidable enemy. It has no particular armor weaknesses to exploit, and it’s very deadly, especially in such close quarters. Worse still, there is nowhere you can hide, since it’s so huge. As soon as it notices you, it will start attacking, and it has a huge arsenal of weapons, both ranged and for close combat. Fortunately, however, you can use the Disc Launchers on its sides to your advantage.

Use a Sharpshooter Bow to fire a Teardown arrow into one of the disc launchers. This will break it off, and you can use it to deal massive damage to the Thunderjaw. The drawback here is that you’re very slow while carrying the disc launcher, plus the discs are fairly slow projectiles. You might want to consider incapacitating the boss so that you can run to the launcher and shoot with much less hassle. You can shoot the launcher off even with regular arrows, but it will take longer.

Cauldron Zeta Overrides and Quest Rewards

Once you defeat the Thunderjaw boss, you can head to the core and override it. These are the rewards that you will get for completing Cauldron Zeta:

  • 10000 XP
  • 1 skill point
  • Zeta overrides
    • Stormbird
    • Thunderjaw
    • Rockbreaker

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