Horizon Zero Dawn E3 2016 Gameplay Video

Sony and Guerilla Games have published an eight minute gameplay video of Horizon Zero Dawn while showing the game at E3 2016. The footage is raw gameplay, showing Aloy hunt mechanical beasts in the wilderness.

The video starts with Aloy leaving her village to investigate rumors of a demon haunting a nearby community.
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As she treks through the valley, she runs into some strange robo-crabs and dispatches them quickly using her bow and sling. She takes components off them, which can be used for crafting later on. We also get to see some of her tools in action – like the rope launcher, which she uses to subdue and tame a beast. After that, she uses it as a mount.

Finally, she reaches the village and confronts the ancient robot that keeps corrupting the other automatons in the area. The encounter plays out like a boss fight, and dodging seems to be crucial for survival. She finally manages to take it down, but only after exploiting its weakness to fire. Ignoring such attributes would be unwise, it seems.

Horizon Zero Dawn is going to launch on February 28th 2017, only on Playstation 4. Since it’s being developed by a Sony-owned studio, it’s safe to assume the game won’t be ported to other platforms.

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