Horizon Zero Dawn Grazer Training Dummy Locations

Grazer training dummies are statues you can find in Horizon Zero Dawn. They’re made to resemble grazers, and they’re strewn across the Nora region. The people use them for target practice. There are 23 of them, and if you topple them all, you’ll unlock the Downed 23 Grazer Dummies trophy. In this guide, we’re going to show you all 23 Grazer Dummy locations in Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Where to find grazer dummies

Other than the first seven Grazer training dummies that are outside of Rost’s house, you can find all of them inside the Nora settlements, bandit camps and hunting grounds.

Training Dummy Map Locations Horizon Zero Dawn
Grazer training dummy locations
  1. The first seven are located outside Rost’s and Aloy’s house. This is where you start your journey as grown-up Aloy. You might remember it, since this is where the tutorial introduces you with melee combat.
  2. The next two are in front of Mother’s Watch in the southern Nora grounds. Before you enter the compound, look left and right from the main entrance. There’s one dummy on each side.
  3. The 10th dummy is hidden inside Mother’s Cradle, east from the previous one. You’ll find it west from the bonfire.
  4. You’ll find the next one inside the same settlement as the one before. Follow the southern settlement path until you find the lonely house on your left. There is a training dummy in front of it.
  5. We are inside the Mother’s Heart settlement, where the Proving starts. Close to its bonfire, next to the nearby house, there are two separate dummies.
  6. East from Mother’s Heart, there is another camp. If you follow the path to it, you’ll find one to the left, and one inside the settlement.
  7. East from Mother’s Rise, you’ll find level 8 Nora Hunting Grounds. Behind the house in this area, there are two grazer figures.
  8. Head north from the previous one. There is a bandit camp called Devil’s Thirst. Liberate it, or not, and find the grazer training dummy on its southern approach.
  9. This time, head west into the Mother’s Crown. Just as you enter the settlement, look to your right. You should find two of them here.
  10. From Mother’s Crown, follow the road to the northwest. It will take you inside the Hunter’s Gathering. In this camp, closer to the rocks, there are two dummies.
  11. The final one is inside the Two-Teeth level 9 bandit camp. If you follow the road west from Hunter’s Gathering, you’ll have no problem finding it. It is in the corner of the camp, below the large wooden structure that hangs from the top of the mountain cliff.